Your preferred magnification on the bottom...
complimented by a non-magnified top.


Why are Sun Bifocals preferred over regular Sun Readers?

CliC Sun Bifocal are a layered approach to improving your glasses experience in the sunshine.

Let's begin with the basics. When you've reached a point where you're holding objects an arms length away (like your phone or a book), your eyes have naturally progressed to the point of needing artifical compensation to allow your eyes to accommodate near vision. The magnification corrects this issue and is known to improve headaches, blurry vision and eye strain.

On the other hand, when your far vision is healthy and doesn't need want a quick way to switch without straining your eyes. Bifocals are the perfect solution for this scenario.

Add our polarized and non-polarized options to these Sun Bifocals and you'll find yourself enjoying the outdoors more freely. Whether you're reading at the park and looking up to track down your children, enjoying the newspaper on the patio and occasionally gazing at the landscape, or watching a baseball game with frequently glances to the program to see what player made the out - you'll be happy to have your CliC Sun Bifocals on-hand.

What is the difference between polarized lenses and non-polarized?

It's a term we all like to use, but not everyone understands... so let's talk about polarization. Light travels in both horizontal and vertical waves. When those waves are reflected off things like water, snow or a shiny car, the light waves bounce back - creating glare. Polarized CliC lenses ave a special chemical applied to filter the horizontal light waves. By allowing only one direction of light waves through, you see an image a bit darker but much crisper and clearer. Most CliC sunglasses offer a polarized lens option. Go ahead and order a pair, because with CliC, exchanges and returns are always free, so you have nothing to worry about.

What makes CliC Sun Bifocals unique?

CliC glasses have made their mark on the map because of the exclusive frame features that accompany every pair. The front magnetic connection provides an easy on, easy off motion. The permanent headband guarantees your glasses are always around you and the adjustable temple establishes a comfort for every wearing position.

When combining the CliC features with built-in reading bifocals you're assured an experience you can't find anywhere else. Our Sun Bifocals are available in polarized and non-polarized lenses both delivering the perfect reading and distance viewing while outdoors.

CliC Sun Bifocals are made for looking up and down.

From time to time, we have customers ask for a scenario where CliC Sun Bifocals would be a preferred solution. Many illustrations come to mind; reading a book at the beach where you want to enjoy both the print and the view - bifocals allow you to look up and down without interruption. Another example came through a recent review, "I'm often at the park with my grandchildren and I like to read as I keep an eye on them. Having the bifocal readers allows me the ability to look up frequently and quickly return to my reading." It may be one of those luxuries you didn't know you needed... until you had a pair. Go ahead and order, with our free shipping, exchanges and returns, it's risk free!