Magnification with a tinted lens.


What is different about CliC Sun Readers

If you haven't experienced our sun readers, you are in for a treat. CliC has combined our exclusive features along with the power of magnification and sunglasses into one product. Our Sun Reader Collection offers full lens magnification which is ideal for reading while on vacation at the beach or enjoying a cup of coffee and newspaper on your porch. The convenience of CliC's front magnetic connection, the comfort of our adjustable temples, and the permanent headband make these the most convenient solution available.

Are Sun Readers necessary?

We often understand the value in readers, because the evidence is right in front of us. We struggle to adjust our eyes to see print when reading. But when we are outside, is it really necessary to have a pair of readers with sun protection?

Science shows that the technology of sun readers aids in both long term eye health and temporary conditions. All sunglasses provide supplemental protection from conditions the sun can advance. Cataracts, macular degeneration or blurred vision are all conditions  that you’re more likely to suffer from if your eyes aren’t shielded  from direct sunlight. Additionally, exposure to the sun leads to headaches, temporary blurred vision and eye discomfort.

CliC Sun Readers are the preferred choice any time you are reading or focusing on objects an arm's length away. And CliC's frame style is the perfect way to keep your sun readers, always around you.

Do these Sun Readers really make life easier?

We could go on and on about the convience our readers create in your life. Instead, we thought we'd let you hear it from a new Sun Reader customer, "Now that I have a pair, I can't imagine my morning routine without them. I grab my coffee, the newspaper, toss my sun readers around my neck and I'm off to the balcony. Now I'm waiting for CliC to find a way for me to keep my coffee cup around me, I seem to misplace that way more often than my readers."

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