Slastik Reader Taku

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Magnification Strength
Need a different strength for each eye or more lens options? Visit our CliC Rx site to customize lens options for this frame.

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Headband Details

This Frame Style Features a Soft Headband. Every frame style is designed with either rigid or soft headband material and are not interchangeable. View here for more information.

Size Measurements
Glasses measurement chart


Features on the Slastik Reader Taku Style:

Magnetic Front Connection

Adjustable Temples

Foldable Glasses

Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Susan Parry
One of My Favorite Things

I have used Clic Readers for years because they are comfortable and convenient. I only need glasses for closeup reading and these are perfect for me because I can comfortably wear them around my neck and put them on my face quickly as needed. I once lost a $200 prescription pair of glasses because I had to take them on and off so quickly. I don’t have to worry about loss or stretch when I use Clic. They’re gone up in price since I first started buying them, but they’re still no where near as expensive as prescription glasses. My optometrist approved.

Lisa Stone
Get these

My first pair, and I will be buying more! So convenient! No more glasses falling off my head. These are a must for healthcare and EMS workers!

John Centonze
Comfortable and stylish

The best pair of CliC’s I’ve had